by Ture Sjölander

Assange still committed to publishing secret documents: mother
Dec 14, 2010 4:19am EST  
NEWSTIME2010 wrote:

His mother is perfectly right. He is a brave Man!
He is also more famous than Oprah Winfield at this point in time and more infamous than George W Bush.

Give him a Master Card Carte Blanche Unlimited and let the World listen to him. He don’t need to release more secrets given to him for free. Other media should do that from this lesson he has given the world.
The word BAIL do not fit in at all.
Let him out from this absurd room he has been forced into, and let him continue his human “mission”. His own experience from this world-madness could be worth more than Gold for the Global World.
So, why not the Australian Sydney Opera House next for our great “nomadic” Aussie hero ! G’Day new brave World@

Dec 14, 2010 10:25am EST  
NEWSTIME2010 wrote:

There is Secrets and there is secrets. Certain secrets revealed is good for the Human kind.
There is another kinda secrets revealed now, a very very ugly ones, the horrifying basic nature of the human beings. Some are in governments, some are not.

It is easy to understand suicide-bombers when one look at certain processes in courts. No one represent common sense.

Heavy criminals high up in the establishment can do what they like. Franz Kafka is just fading out like a smoke ring from a cigarette.

My stent in my ticker is vibrating from anger over this whole ugly corrupted matter. I could drop dead like Holbrooke at any second, no matter how good I’ve been in my life. Either it is idiots who wanna Win a case for the sake of winning, or other idiots who wanna be bribed. Injustice create Crimes.

Follow COMMON SENSE !!!!

Dec 14, 2010 12:28pm EST  
NEWSTIME2010 wrote:

Is this really 21th century?

Assange is NOT FREE NOW! He will be a target for assassins as the court already have given the address where he has to stay.
The Crown prosecutor Gemma Emma will now get this bail order to be invalid and the Americans to produced their new arrest order.
This is plain stupidity or a complete insanity.
Murder of Justice it is called!
Ones a day Assange have to go to the Police station. Unprotected?
Do this Court think that all the members of our society are idiots?
Asking for cash 200.000…what the heck is that + all the other stuff they added on to the conditions….
When I see this I feel ashamed being a human being…

Dec 14, 2010 12:36pm EST  
NEWSTIME2010 wrote:

This is not a court case and it is not a story or event about Julian Assange, at all!

He invented a huge mirror we now hate to look into, seeing our self as barbarians.

That is his real great art work for the Century:
Step forward and have a look at your real miserable and ugly nature as human being.

Dec 14, 2010 2:03pm EST   

                 TURE  SJOLANDER