WikiLeaks plans to release a U.S. bank's documents

Lovely idea! Yes, release us from our own horrible “middle age”. Release all documents in the whole world! From all nations.

Have anyone really listen and closely looked at Julian Assange?

I would vote for him as Secretary of State in The Royal United States of America instead of the current Queen Hillary.
Julian Assange is our times Albert Einstein. Listen to all the video interviews with him. Just do it!!! His views is as good as any of the present world leaders.
He is a brave world leader of No Mans Land.

Don’t swallow this great man, follow him!
Join his “International Community”.
Print all documents too and drop them with Air Force One all over the world and translated to all languages.

A World Revolution is on our doorsteps!
The Future looks good!!!!

Ture Sjolander
NEWSTIME2010 wrote:

SeaWa: The international systems of corruptions – not only western world – has reveal itself, not a single “guy” did that.There is now million of “Julian Assange’s” who can press the button anywhere on the planet at any time. He simply pressed on the B button.
I guess this is just the beginning of the complete revelation.
There is other more dangerous “guys” who would like to press the buttons for the nuclear systems. This buttons we should look for now and to prevent them to press on.
Self destruction is not a new invention in the history of man.
This current War on Error is not an American matter it is WorldWide and there is No Politics involved. Computer Science, would be the word better describing the story.

Ture Sjolander

Nov 29, 2010 9:14pm EST  
Nov 29, 2010 9:19pm EST 
NEWSTIME2010 wrote:

Actually, the human fantasy could press a button, say in Miami, and blow up a nuclear bomb within Iran and/or within North Korea from that very distance, like the Drones operate in different countries already but here without the drones, just a computer and a satellite.
Nothing seems now impossible.

Ture Sjolander

Nov 29, 2010 9:26pm EST  
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