WikiLeaks did not commit offence in Australia: police

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The President of The Nomadic Nations, Mr Julian Assange.

If any intelligent people carefully listen to Mr Assange and what he had said up to day in all the interviews done, one will find his personality, compared with all the other “head of states”, and secretaries of states, performances so much more cultivated and trustworthy.

He is the most balanced speakers of all of them. What he is saying have substance and a great value for everybody and not only for a bunch of corrupted governmental anarchist groups. It is time for many nations to elect new and serious people to run and represent their own nations majority of citizens.

Mr Assange is not driven by money, just remember that simple fact, nor is he driven by any ready-made political manifest! His only interest is to point at the opposite, and the global injustice.
That should be respected and rewarded by all people anywhere on the planet, regardless of any political viewpoints.

USA have to swallow it’s own mistakes now and get on with life and that would apply to any other nations mistakes displayed as leaks up to now and in the future.
Blame yourself, Sir’s and Madame’s in every nation, and buy yourself a electronic muzzle tag around your neck.


Dec 17, 2010 6:39pm EST