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From: Ture Sjolander
To: info@e-architect.co.uk
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Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:31 PM
Subject: Att: Adrian Welsh "a new definition"

Installation project: "The Mega Mirror we hated us self to look @".
Get in contact with the directors of Modern Art Museums in Scandinavia and start a dialogue how to invite Julian Assange as "Artist of the Century" for a project co-ordinated between all of you.
As far I can see, he have created a Mega Mirror, people around the World are looking into, seeing them self as monsters and barbarians.
This is a new aspect of his creation/invention.
He is the architect of the Monsterious Mega Mirror.
I hope you shall understand that I'm not joking, nor is it a cracy idea. I'm very serious!
It is an extraordinary reversable angle on the ongoing event. an event not about him self but about all people who are lost at the moment.
It is not at all a juridical matter, nor is it a political matter, it is much bigger than so.
I would like to explain more of my view on this whole affair, if you don't mind.